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Morning all and happy Tuesday! Looks like it is going to be another hot one here today but they are saying that the rain may hold off so I would imagine that walking group is on for tonight although I may cancel it since D-DIL and I want to go to the gym and catch a Aquafit class instead and since no one shows up I am thinking that I will just cancel it and we can do the exercise that we would rather do

We have lots of stuff going on this week so I need to really batten down the hatches and get my plans in place so that I don't see a huge gain. I am not going to meeting or W/I this week as DH and I have tickets to go see a concert that night but since I don't want to see a huge gain the following week I need to keep it all in check now.

Judy: Yep, totally agree with the theory that Peri-meno is causing some of my issues... I am just really being careful about which path I choose since some of them have nastier side effects than the condition itself. There is negitive stuff all over the intranet about so many of the options, HRT, etc, just not sure which one is the one for me yet. I will call the doctor this week though and see what I can figure out with her help.

Terri: Thanks for the suggestion, the Endo. Ablation was suggested to me along with a few other options by my doctor a while back... I just need to figure out which one is right for me. So glad to see you back online... was getting worried when you didn't post for a while.

Bandit: Sorry about your gain at last W/I - I hope that this week will be better for you! Hope your knee is on the mend also! I am looking for new recipes also, with the weather nice we are using the grill a lot and that is helping - the grilled pineapple is a great idea and I have heard that grilled peaches is also very good. I have boneless pork rib's out to grill tonight, they are very lean cuts and go well with a salad and veggie on the side.

Life: How are you doing? My DS just started back taking college evening courses... He is feeling the pinch after just the first class but it will do him good and get him where he wants to go eventually. Anything new with you?

Cherry: You still out there? How are you doing?

I have to run but have a great day all! Another busy one here for me but I will try and hop back on later on to see what is going on with everyone.
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