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I'm not sure there's any way of simplifying dietary needs this far which would be all that good. Food groups aren't what's essential, and many people live happily and healthily without one or more of them (well, it's harder to be healthy without any veg, but certainly possible without animal products, or without grains). Nutrients are what we need, and you can't present them as interchangeable with certain food groups. Quite apart from anything else, this is why people don't realise how many varied sources there are of many nutrients, say because they've been raised to believe that only dairy provides calcium. And because each food will contain several different nutrients, the simplification is again wrong. Replacing "meat" with "protein" does indicate that there are other sources of protein, but having "grains" as a separate category will make people thing that grains aren't a source of protein, when in fact they're an excellent source.
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