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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
I think if we take milk out, we have to add a calcium food group in. While mammals, including humans outgrow the need for milk, they don't outgrow the need for calcium, and unless we add back in the bone & insect food group, it can be hard to get enough calcium from vegetable/fruit sources.
I think if I were eight, the notion of the Bug Food Group would be TOTALLY COOL. Actually I think it still is, kinda. One of my favorite articles to show my students about different cultural eating habits is one the New York Times had last year on ants, traditionally eaten in Brazil. It includes a video featuring a farmer eating the very large live ants he had just collected with great enjoyment (you have to bite the heads off first or they bite you back).

It doesn't hurt that he looks and mugs exactly like Michael Palin's long-lost Mayan twin.
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