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Originally Posted by nelie View Post is a great site with lots of info but there was an article posted titled "No Fat Chicks" on it.

The article basically says that most exercise isn't meant for overweight beginners. It has some advice and a beginning workout plan.

If you don't know where to start, it is a great place to start. Even if you aren't overweight, it has some really good tips and definitely deserves to be read by anyone interested in fitness.

I know I'm responding to an old post, but the information in the article is right on. I am 65 years old and overweight. When I started my exercise program in January I was walking on a treadmill for 15 minutes at 1.5 mph. I did this for a couple weeks, then added the elliptical for 4 minutes. I was sweating when I finished my "workout". As time went on, I found that I could go longer and longer, adding a minute each day or so, and also increasing my intensity. After reaching a total of 30 min each on the treadmill and elliptical, I decided to add weights. That was a laugh. I was using the weight station my son left at home when he moved out. I could hardly move the things! But every time a weight got "easy" I added more weight. I am still at it, 5 months later. I was told at cardiac rehab to exercise 300 minutes a week. Yesterday, I did 105 minutes of exercise. It is now exhilerating. I will never look like a 20 something body builder, but I am stronger and healthier. I am still struggling with my diet and weight loss is very slow, but I feel so much better. My blood pressure has dropped and my meds have been cut back, and I'm working on lowering my blood sugar. So it can be done no matter how old or fat you are. You just have to start out slow and keep at it. If you go to an aerobics class or do an aerobic tape, modify. Instead of kicking when everyone else is kicking, just slightly lift your foot. Because you are so out of shape, that will be aerobic FOR YOU. You won't get that terrible soreness that makes everyone quit and eventually, you will be kicking with the best of them. You can do it!

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