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I barely had a chance to sit down and use the computer and really shouldn't be sitting down now but I am making this a priority so I feel complete today

We had a nice weekend but it was busy too. We had 3 van fulls of rock to put up the side of the driveway and around the front of the house. We dug the hole, did the plastic, planted 3 new bushes, and spread rock. What fun! But it looks lovely. Now we have the other side which we will probably get to next weekend. I got a lot of exercise hauling those bags of rock around. I thought I would be really sore but just a tad bit yesterday. We went to the movies, had a lot of outside time and did the BBQ thing. Now I am working!

You can see the puffiness in DH's face is gone and I used to have a double chin that drove me nuts and I am pretty sure it hasn't show up in any pictures lately. I am really going to try and rid myself of the extra weight around my middle before I go on vacation in 3 weeks. I can be tough and eat good.

Goals for today -
1) Yoga for 40 minutes
2) Dog walk even though we have two soccer things
3) Water Water Water and no white carbs for bkfst/lunch

I can not run outside Absmom - I am fine on the treadmill but my feet are really sloppy on pavement. I was thinking about running outside because I am running more gracerfully but still need some work!

Juno - I don't like A's teacher and am waiting until the end of the year to say something. She asked about daycare at beg. of year and I said probably not ....she asked again in spring and I told her that it didn't look probable....she has been semi-rude ever since!!!

I need to get craft ready and get myself in daycare mode. Have a great day!

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