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Morning turtles:

Terri - glad to hear your leg is better and you can get back exercising.
I find that makes a big difference. Those darn decks - I slipped on my trailer
deck 3 weeks ago and my knee is still sore, getting better but not 100%.

Life - have fun at the wedding, I love weddings. So much fun.

As for me, had my weigh in last night and knew I would be up but did not
expect to but up 2#!!! Seriously - I was surprised.
So I guess no excercising, eating chips, too much bread etc etc finally
caught up at the scales.
Hopefully that is a wake-up call & my goal is to do better this week.

Going into Toronto today and getting my hair done, so will be nice day
with my daugher and get all spruced up for the summer.

All - have a great weekend!
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