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Thanks for starting the new thread Juno! Good luck with the principal. That's the one person that need not be a #$% jerk... Perhaps he's in the wrong profession??

I share your problem of eating beyond intention or need. I'm going to concentrate on that this week. Portion control, but without being obsessive (scales /measuring cups are no way to live for me).

I think my face is the first place I lose weight, or at least it is the first body part that people actually comment on when I lose. I guess its all the good eating and water that kills the bloat. I haven't been on the scale (and its killing me). I feel pretty good, so I am anxious to know if the scale reflects that... June 1 seems so far away !

Well, the weekend plans got messed up. My mom has some kind of bug and didn't want to pass it on to the kids SO no sitter and no workout with the sisters. We're going to swim this Friday together and see where we stand with that. Of course my type A sis called to let me know that she ran 4+ miles yesterday, and she's worried that she won't be able to keep up with us.. (?!) I'm the one who's scared. In the pouring (buckets!) rain today I ran outside for the first time. I measured out 2.5 miles and gave it a shot. My legs felt SOOO heavy, gross. I ended up walking probably 1/3 of it, BUT I finished. I've decided that I need to get outside a whole lot more before this race, and cover a whole lot more mileage wise...

Three things for TOMORROW:
1. Light run - minimum of 2 miles and weights or body pump
2. Light food day

Happy Monday to you all!!!

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