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Originally Posted by gmailjunkie View Post
Brooklyn dyke here. I'm more femme than not but I suspect I'd be higher femme if I were thinner-right now when I attempt femme it comes out matronly. AH well- we shall see what happens
THIS. Gosh, this sums up my entire fashion life. Especially because I enjoy vintage (40's-style, mostly) dresses, which tend to have much more conservative lines and sleeves. Most of the time, especially with my hair pulled back, I end up feeling like The Trunchbull from the mid-90s Matilda movie, which is certainly not what I'm going for. And most modern, youthful dresses, unfortunately, have empire waists, which make me look decidedly pregnant. No good, either way. I haven't learned how to pull it off, but I refuse to give up on dresses! I can only hope that slimming down will make things at least a little easier.

Bi, no significant other to speak of, also more-femme-than-not, though I certainly have my days when I want nothing to do with anything even remotely girly.

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