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Hello, everyone! Great to see this thread! I am a bisexual woman married to an amazing heterosexual man. Seriously, he is amazing-he definitely understands how I feel and accepts me truly, and honestly, it's a lot more fun for both of us that way. We both check out beautiful girls at times, and that is really fun. Our mutual male friends also appreciate my appreciation for beauty, which is also cool. I don't have really many female friends to speak of, though I do have a few, but I rarely discuss it with people I don't absolutely trust IRL, and so my male friends are really the only ones I usually discuss it with besides hubby. Once, I did have someone say to me though after stating I was bisexual and proud of it, that I was married and therefore couldn't be bisexual. They said I'd obviously made my choice-but I don't understand that because I chose the person to be in love with-but that doesn't mean that a married person can only be attracted to one type of sex/gender. Hubby really does understand me and my feelings about people, and I am so glad he has never said anything like that to me. I hate being compartmentalized because of vague assumptions. Anyway, I am so glad to meet you all.

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