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Yeah, it's more about making a commitment to it than actually starting.

Well... starting something is obviously good, but we're not always gonna feel like doing the right things. We just have to do the right things anyways.

It's like... doing the dishes, brushing your teeth, paying the bills. I don't always feel like doing the dishes, but if I never did them I'd have a house full of dirty dishes.

At some point you have to sit down, commit to a change and then follow through. Change one thing about the evening snacks you choose. Measure them out. Or refuse to eat in front of the TV. Make a substitution. Go from chips to Light Popcorn to munch on. Or full sugar soda to diet soda.

Remember that events with your family are about the family not about the food. It sounds like you've got a ton of support available to you, which is amazing. Use it. Tell people you're using WW. Tell them you're really trying to watch out for that stuff.

You don't have to dive back in head first. You can dip a toe in by committing to something small this week. Track your food... even if you go over the points. Re-learning to write down your food and keep an eye on it is a big step. Or do some fun activity a few times this week. Something you know you can succeed at in order to build up to more later on.

You can get back into it =)
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