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Girlie-I don't follow a specific diet, I combine good tools I've found to work for me. Monday through Friday I limit myself to around 40-50 grams of fat a day which I split between 3 meals and 2 snacks. They say the average persons fat intake should be 60 grams a day since I'm trying to lose weight I cut mine. And I don't cheat, anything I'm tempted by I eat on Saturday which is my day to eat what I want. It's helped me not to feel so guilty about food. Right now I'm following the Self challenge from the magazine/web site and am in the fifth week, with a the daily meal planner I am getting much better with controlling my portions. I go to a gym called Woman's Workout World, after work everyday Monday through Friday and i usually take whatever the 5:30 class is it varies from kickboxing to step/aerobics I do that for an hour. I do weight training but since I'm trying to streamline my muscles and replace bulk with lean, I keep my reps high but weight low. On days when I have to work late I do a pilates video, I'm not sure if you've heard of that technique, basically it's a stretching ab routine dancers use. I'm not very flexible so it's comical, but I feel the workout, believe me. Right now I'm working through a plateau period where the scale isn't moving, but I'm seeing my body parts change slowly which I like. Thanks for listening-chubs2
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