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I don't cook.

I heat food.

I tend to stick to things that don't need a lot of work. Or lordy. Things with more than like 5 steps. Long as it's "Turn oven on. Spray pan. Put thing on pan and into oven." I'm okay.

Much more than that and I'm bored.

I've never blanched a single thing in my life simply because I can't imagine heating the food up just to immediately stick it back into something cold. Talk about an unnecessary step (in my mind).

Most of the time I like salads and raw fruits/veggies. Simply because they're so ridiculously easy to deal with. Open fridge. Wash fruit. Eat.

Sandwiches with deli meat. Soups. Cereals. I actually like to buy grilled chicken that's pre-sliced, too... just to stick it on those salads or on wraps. >.> I'm that adverse to cooking.

I'm still managing to eat healthier without stressing too much about being a perfect chef.
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