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Cooking is definitely not my favorite pastime. And I am not a gourmet cook.
I can't even cook a chicken. It never tastes good. So I buy a rotisserie chicken at the deli. And I can't fry an egg well either.
If I want a decent breakfast I have to go to a restaurant. And I go about once or twice a month.
The only chicken I make that tastes decent is white meat strips that I marinate in BBQ sauce overnight. Then I fry it in a pan. And that is my entire dinner. With maybe a cup of juice. I count my calories.

But I make really good spaghetti. And terrific BBQ ribs. Everybody loves it.
So about once a month I make a huge pot of spaghetti and then I freeze it in little containers. I'll eat a one serving package every day until it is all gone.
I don't like bread or crackers, so I never make sandwiches or toast.

I will not fire up a grill and cook a steak. Nothing but hamburger for me.
But I buy the best ground beef from a restaurant from the slaughter house.
It makes great hamburgers. And I just eat the bun and no condiments. I buy fish and steam it in a frying pan with onions and garlic. I eat only 1/4 - 1/3 pound of meat a day.
I'll eat my veggies at one meal, my meat at the next, and then juice or fruit at the next meal. A couple of times a week I eat cereal and milk.

I never make a complete meal with a main course and sides. I'm just not going to stand there for an hour and cook up a complete meal.
And cooking for the Holidays?...forget it. I am not going to ruin a holiday by slaving over a hot stove. Why would I go shopping for hours, stand for hours cooking, get a sore back and sore feet and all tired out, just because it is a tradition to have a huge homemade meal for the holidays?
No way! I go to a restaurant so I can rest and relax and enjoy the day.

Every Thanksgiving my mooch friends and relatives all want to know what I am having for dinner...hint...hint.. They want an invitation for a free meal. I tell them every year...and they never learn...that I have no intention of ruining my holiday by getting all whacked out cooking all day. Then spend another 3 hours cleaning up afterwards. I plan on relaxing and going out.

If I make mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, that is all I eat for that meal. Same with rice. Just plain rice with some butter.

I have fruit trees and berry bushes, so I make a lot of frozen juice. That I don't mind making. Juice tastes terrific when it is homemade.
When people find out I grow all my own fruit, their eyes light up. It never fails that each one asks for free jam, some want free pies....which I don't make. Such nerve! (Fruit trees attract a lot of mooches.)
And I never make pies or jam out of the fruit...just juice. I am not going to waste my time making pies or cakes with all that added fat and flour.
But I occasionally make pancakes..potato pancakes I make in my food chopper.
I don't drink coffee or soda, just water, juice and milk. But I make mullein leaf tea. I grow my own Giant Mullein tea plants. And I drink Gatorade.
I despise cooking, and I really get fed up with all the dishes that accumulate even with the minimal amount of cooking I do.
I grow my own potatoes, green peppers, onions and garlic. I don't mind gardening, but gourmet cooking is not for me.
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