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I like to cook, but my husband's worked as a chef, so he's better at it than I am by a fairly long stretch. I definitely advocate marrying someone who likes to cook--and it sounds like you have that part covered!

Although I do like to cook, there are a lot of days that I just plain don't feel like it. Roasting is a great option for non-cooks, as you can roast a whole huge mess of chopped vegetables at once and eat them alongside other meals throughout the week. You only have to heat your kitchen once, you only need one big cookie sheet or baking pan, you don't need any spices beyond salt and pepper (but you can add more if you like) and you don't have to watch over the stuff closely. It's perfect non-cook cooking.

I do this once or twice a week and eat roasted sweet potato wedges instead of dessert or throw some roasted acorn squash alongside a sandwich or a bowl of prepared soup to bulk up the meal and add some nutrition and flavor to it. Roasted asparagus goes with everything and tastes phenomenal compared to canned or steamed versions. I even put bacon in the oven instead of cooking it on the stove top; it comes out delicious and stays nice and flat for crumbling onto salads or flavoring sandwiches.

Other non-cooking or low-cooking options I like:

- BLT sandwiches (with the right bread and spread, they're under 300 calories)
- Pre-cooked rotisserie chickens (they're good as is or when used as a base for chicken salad/chicken enchiladas/chicken tacos/chicken anything)
- Raw chopped salads (lettuce gets boring; chopping stuff up and putting it on lettuce is less boring)
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