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Default Things I've Learned About Shakes...

they need doctoring! I always figured they would, but some need a LOT of help.
I've "budgeted" for allowances like a tsp of unsweetened dark cocoa powder, a TBSP of fat free cream cheese does WONDERS! and liquid splenda is a must if you have a sweet tooth.
adding a tsp of Benefiber helps create more fullness too, and keep things moving along

to get the right consistency without ending up with cup fulls of foam, start by making the packet into a paste with whatever liquid you're using, gradually adding more and more until its the consistency you like.
I tried blending them with ice and I got like 32oz of slushy foam, maybe it's my blender...

drink them cold, cold, cold! over ice, blended with ice, whatever, just make sure they're cold.

I can see how some people might have trouble fitting all the shakes in, especially if they don't wake up early in the morning, drinking one every three hours or so, they're filling, especially if you add FF cream cheese...

also, I shouldn't have limited myself to just shakes, I didn't think I'd want soup or veggie joe, but there will be more variety in my next order.

happy shaking!
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