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JenMusic -- thanks for the scale suggestion, I wil shop around and see if there's one that's affordable. $30 is doable. When I looked around online I saw that 1 cup = 33 calories but I can see why 1 cup may not actually be 67 grams, if you cut off stems, etc. And I agree, being a few calories off isn't a big deal, especially not when you're binging on kale. Ha!

seagirl: i'm not worried per se, it was just shocking. here i was thinking i could have this magnificently nourishing and delicious food for free basically (i know, obviously it has calories) and then when i look into it i realized that it was much, much higher than i thought. although jen makes a very valid point...weighing it would be much more precise.

lisamarie: i love kale chips too if i don't burn them! i have been using pam olive oil spray and going easy on it. i find it's much easier to coat the kale with it and you end up using much less than regular liquid. before i discovered the spray a tbsp of olive oil wasn't even enough, for some reason it just didn't coat properly.

thanks for your input ladies. now that i have determined too much kale isn't the reason i'm not losing the pesky 2 lbs i so desperately want to lose, i need to look elsewhere...
Dancing broccoli is just so cute ...

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