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I've recently started eating and loving kale.

The calorie count I use (from Livestrong) is 36 cals per 130 grams. Yes, I weigh it, because I weigh everything I eat. Just about every time I've prepared kale, one big bunch of kale bought at the market is about 130 grams, once the inedible stems are torn out. So approximately 1 bunch=36 cals.

Now, out of curiosity with your post, I just checked and, and my stats look to be about half off - those two sites have kale at 33 cals per 67 grams.

However, I think I'm going to stick with the stat I have an have been using. It hasn't affected my weight loss and kale is still a nutrient dense veggie with remarkably few calories. If it were peanut butter that might be a different story, but for kale I'll be 30 cals off.

Can I make a suggestion? With whatever calorie count you use, why don't you buy a digital food scale and weigh it? Volume measurements are just darn imprecise! My digital food scale was the best $30 investment I made in my weight loss journey.

ETA: The calorie count I use for cauliflower is 100 grams=25 cals. I wouldn't put that up there with the more calorie-dense veggies you list, IMO - it's much more like other non-starchy veggies.

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