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Default 8 weeks in and not losing. :( Could use some pointers.

Hey, I hate to be a downer, but I have read through a bunch of threads here and see so much success. I see people that can't get to their daily points for a day, people that never use their flex points too. SERIOUSLY?!?! I can't figure out how to NOT go over by 5-8 every day.

Here is my big problem, I exercise a ton. So I am always hungry. I make good decisions, but to fuel up for my exercise and recover from it, I end up way over every day.

I figured I'd get the hang of it a few weeks in. I'm two months in and I've actually gained 1.6 pounds.

I'd really like some help figuring out how to deal with a large amount of activity. I blow through all of the weekly points and half of my activity points every week. Any suggestions for figuring out how many I can really eat and still lose?

I get 29 daily points. I think 40 weekly. And last week I had 91 activity points. I used all but 25 of them and had a gain of .2.

Thank you for any help you can give me.
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