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Hi there, I have lots of pollen/dust/animal allergies and have had them since I was born (in the UK). When I moved to the USA they didn't seem to bother me but we moved to the deep south which is where ALL of my allergies came out and I even got asthma. I had a really really bad reaction for a few weeks after I cut the grass (there's tons of it here) one day, so I decided to go see my sons allergist and hope they could do something for me.

After having 26 scratch tests on each arm they found I was allergic to mostly everything out side and my lovely animals and their dander and dust. They recommended shots which really sucked so every 2 weeks I have 3 shots which can be nasty if they are given together. I was also tested for asthma which I have and have an emergency inhaler and was taken off a daily one as they think the asthma is related to my weight (which is a lot). My Dr has told me to go exercise as this will bring the weight down and my breathing will get better...its doing pretty good so far, I use the elliptical and I do spinning/rpm classes and weight training. I dont have any bad symptoms or feel like I'm draging

Ive been on the shots for 5 yrs, and as I'm allergic to a lot of stuff they are recommending 1 more year. So that's what I'm doing.

= 5lbs

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