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Originally Posted by SaLaV View Post
Does anyone have a problem sleeping after having Protein snack at night?
This will be unique to each person. Some people (some body types) do not do well eating late and then sleeping. For those people having their snack in the afternoon and finishing the day with just dinner is ok. Just make sure you are not having craving, fuzzy brain, "hangover" feelings in the morning. That can indicate you are having overnight blood sugar lows. In those cases you may wish to set an alarm, wake up early, and drink a pre made shake or eat a pre made pudding. It will help keep your metabolism going and blood sugar steady.

Originally Posted by I'm svelting! View Post
This seems to be getting lost in daily threads. It is attached to this post for future reference.

Changes I noticed "at a glance"
- higher limit on beef, poultry, pork, veal protein
- bell peppers on select list with no restrictions about cooked/raw, color

One inconsistency that puzzles me:
- rutabaga is a select veggie -- could have 4 cups a day, 7 days a week
- swede is an occasional veggie -- limited to 2 cups/week
Aren't swede and rutabaga the same thing? (wikipedia link)

Oh IP, do you intentionally do this to confuse your clients and make them dependent on you? <sigh>
I agree Svelting! Both are the same vegetable, also known as yellow turnip btw!

I, WOULD NOT, use rutabaga as a select veg. It is very high in carb and sugars with NO fiber to balance off. 1/2 cup is 10g of carb. It is definitely and occasional and even then shouldn't be used in large quantities, IMHO.

Originally Posted by calival View Post
Just curious--you say "I now tend to shorten this phase"---does this mean that once you go off the diet you gain the weight back and ARE DOING IT OVER AGAIN?
This is in reference to your quote of OgDog's post. OGDOG has not been on the forum in over a year. Back when she posted that she was doing the program for a second round. She had gone through the phases and learned it was better for her to use phase 1 to the fullest and then to shorten phase 2 to just what is necessary for her body to adapt back to using more real food as a means of preparing for adding in the phase 3 breakfast.

It is now the common way for many coaches to guide their clients through the phases.

Originally Posted by maykatcooper View Post
It is good to know that there is an alternative if I begin to have trouble... I've liver enzyme hikes in my past and am told by my doc to not ignore problems or pain. He is a little concerned about the ketosis but very much likes the loss I'm seeing. This is good to have if there is a problem reather than throw in the towel. Thanks so much.
Yes, there is an alternative. Please keep in mind, in the alternative protocol you are not trying to be in ketosis. Most people will not be. WHY? It is designed for diabetics who are unable to self regulate sugar production. Meaning, a healthy person has a mechanism (gluconeogenesis) to create new sugars without adding carbs. (those sugars come from protein, aminos, and enzymes in a complex process) If a diabetic is unable to regulate ketone production they are at risk of a serious condition, ketosacidosis. Ketase is a fine sugar but, the by product is a toxic packet - ketone which has to be eliminated. Unregulated, too much can develop and make people sick. In healthy individuals this won't happen. In diabetics and some other illness, it is a problem. In those cases, the alternative diet allows for a slower low carb weight loss with higher calories and keeps you out of ketosis.

If you choose to use that diet, remember your results are likely to be different or slower than others. You may also feel more hunger or have more cravings at times because lipolysis (a part of the ketogenic process), is not controlling craving and appetite in the same way.

Originally Posted by dubois007 View Post
I'm a newbie to the site, I read all info regarding this diet since I'm thinking of doing this diet but I'm worried that I would be hungry on it. I wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning to go to work and I don't think the diet will provide me with enough food for my long days, any suggestions. Also can you do cardio and strenght training while on this diet, if so in which phase? Thanks
If you wake up early you adapt the diet to work for your day. Do you also go to sleep earlier. Most people who do the diet are on a 15 hour day. Are you?

If you are very active you can add another packet or 2 or some added real protein to keep going. With proper coaching and adjustment anyone of unique scheduling issues can do this diet.

The exercise is not recommended until after week three and then, moderately. Walking is the best choice, light weights, or easy, stretching styles of yoga. Nothing extreme that will raise heart rate as it will require more carbs for recovery and energy. In those cases, you can end up burning muscle to survive and it will have negative impacts.

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