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Originally Posted by twannab View Post
I have a question on onions. Can eating 1/4 c of cooked onions throw you out of ketosis? Also - i was out of town this weekend and had an extra boiled egg and ate 2 strawberries and about 4 grapes. I think everything else was on track - just didn't get all my veggies in I would guess. I was up 1 1/2 pounds this morning! Yikes!
This answer varies by person and by amount of onion and by what else you had that day. So, sometimes the answer is yes.

Onions if cooked long enough, have a large quantity relatively of available sugar, thus more carbs.

If you ate that in proximity to other higher carb veggies, the strawberries and the grapes, you could have just slipped out of ketosis. It should come back quickly.

Another thing to keep in mind is, when traveling the body tends to hold water for some people. Often we don't drink enough when we're traveling. Give it a few days and it should come back off.

Originally Posted by Maile View Post

Here is my question: do we measure the vegetables raw and then cook them?
My coach says it does not matter.
All should be measured pre cooked BUT, it really measures most for those that shrink down significantly when cooked. SO, measuring broccoli pre or post cooked is roughly the same. Measuring spinach pre and post is drastically different. Keeping that in mind always measure leafy veggies or those that shrink a large amount (such as mushrooms) before hand.

Originally Posted by twannab View Post
So if you eat more than the 2 cups - what happens? Veggies have almost nothing in them.
It depends on the veggie. Spinach, broccoli, and a few others have significant amount of carbs and can cause you to slip out of ketosis if you eat to many and drag your body over your personal threshold.

Veggies may seem to have almost nothing, and many do have near nothing raw, but, they hold much more than you think. You will find fat, protein, and carbs in some quantity in all and in some, you will find all three macro nutrients.

Originally Posted by sjdawg View Post
How do you know when you are in ketosis?
You will have any variety of symptoms:

Ketone breath, which imparts a sweetish smell, does not cause bad breath so much as a different breath odor.

As long as you drink enough water, the bad breath caused by ketosis usually lasts only a few weeks.

This is a ketogenic diet and once your body's supply of glycogen (stored glucose) is gone and your body starts to burn fat, the natural appetite suppressant side effect of lipolysis kicks!!! Believe it or not you may "forget" to eat a meal.

Increased Energy!!! Once you have hit ketosis, usually on the third or fourth day you may get a huge burst in energy!!!!! Initially, you may also experience a slight light-headedness. Make sure to eat your veggies, take your supplements, and get in plenty of water.

Thirst. This WOE (way of eating) is a natural diuretic. And what a great thing. Obviously, drinking lots of water is essential to keep yourself hydrated or you may feel like you are swelling or see gains on the scale.

Different taste in your mouth. Some people call the taste sweet, others say it is "metallic". It is caused by your tongue tasting ketones in the saliva.

Different odor of your urine and/or sweat. Ketones are eliminated in breath, sweat, and urine so, all of these areas can "smell" differently.

Some people also talk about having a slight nausea as they go into ketosis. Again, drinking more water will help with that.

Originally Posted by Anitanewdiet View Post
I posted this in the newbie section but I think it will fit in here fine,
Thanks Carla

I am a newbie and have been on the site reading lots but when I went to my rep to start yesterday she said I couldn't due to an arrhythmia I have had for the past 2 years and am on medication for. But the whole reason I need IP is that the medication slows my heart rate to keep up with the missed beats and has messed with my metabolism. hense the weight gain. She says I just need to get a note signed by my dr if I can do this diet. I have pumped myself up for weeks reading up and have never read anything about heart troubles.

Sorry just so phyched to start and let down cuz I wont be able to get into my dr for weeks, and he will charge for the paperwork if it's faxed to him.

I answered in the other thread to but, this may come up (as it has before) for someone else. So, here ya go!

It isn't readily discussed on this board but, there are several health conditions where IP is NOT recommended and even under doctor care will not be permitted to be used.

It is in your best interest to see the doctor before beginning this program. It rapidly effects your health and your weight. It is not solely a weight loss program when done as designed.

It is designed to protect heart muscle, very important if you have heart conditions already, but, it is also an increase in minerals that directly impact heart health and function. Consultation with a doctor before making major changes that can effect your health OR impact any meds you are on is very smart.

In the meanwhile, you can start cutting back on carbs, try to eat closer to 100 carbs a day, bring you protein levels up, increase your water in take and fiber. Try to keep your fat to healthy fats and about 20 to 30% of your daily caloric content so for a 1500 calorie diet, at 9 calories per gram of fat, you would want about 37 grams of fat per day.

Making these adjustments will be healthy and will help you transition once you have the approval.

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