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I found this site after searching for "Medifast substitutions". I've done MF twice (present and once in 2009) Both times I've had very good results. I can usually keep the weight off and eat foods strictly from the grocery store. I put the weight back on this time because I ate like a garbage disposal over the holidays. I am finally back on track. I returned to MF 5&1 for a jumpstart.

I do find the MF foods to be extremely expensive. Though I feel they are worth the price because they work very well, and quickly. I'm on my 4th week and have lost 14 lbs.

Once I lose 20lbs I usually start to transition and use substitutions from the grocery store again.

So far these are some foods I've found nutritionally comparable (not perfect but close enough, which still work for me):

South Beach Diet high protein cereal bars- I like chocolate or chocolate Peanut Butter
Kashi Honey Almond Flax granola bars

Healthy Choice chicken noodle soup (1/2 can)

Whey protein shakes (powder mix- brand doesn't matter as long as they are sugar free -personally I hate the taste of EAS brand which is watery- GNC and Vitamin World have thicker better-tasting options that mix well with water.)

Brownie Substitute
VitaMuffin "Vitatops" Sugar Free Velvety Chocolate -I never knew these existed until I read about them on the hungrygirl website. They taste great and are a good size. I was pleasantly surprised. 23 carbs but most of it is fiber.Only 90 calories. They are not cheap, but still less expensive than MF. The cheapest place to get them is Target. Google them and it will take you to the "vitalicious" site- you can order online direct from the site too- but Target is still much cheaper.

I've yet to find anything that is comparable to the MF cheese puffs. I have to really take a closer look in the organic/health food section of the grocery store and see if I can come up with something that is soy-based and similar.

Since most of the substitutions do not have as much protein as the MF meals I use a whey protein shake to balance things out. When making substitutions I focus more on the calorie and carb count being as close to MF as possible.

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