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I would RUN from this product, because it has SCAM written all over it. I mean really - an exoribitant price, combined with the weird forbidding on complaints (which I don't think is even a legally binding or enforceable contract. There are some rights you can't sign away).

Ultimately, how can you trust any positive review, when you know the company forbids negative review. The positive reviews lose absolutely all meaning, when the company has threatened retaliation for negative reviews?

If I told you "My product is the best, because I beat up anyone who says it's not," could you really trust anyone who says my product is good.

You also have to understand the science. For people who overeat because of stomach hunger, rather than brain/craving hunger, fiber suppresses appetite by way of filling the stomach.

What you pay for the fiber has no effect whatsoever on the effectiveness of the fiber. We tend to assume (even when we don't even consciously realize it) that the most expensive product is the most successful.

Perceived "value" based on price is very common with weight loss products. People assume that the more they pay, the more effective without realizing this is entirely untrue. Overpriced garbage is not a rare commodity. And literally, it's often easier to convince people to buy expensive garbage, than
cheap garbage.

Even cheap awesome stuff is often assumed to be "trash" because it's cheap.
An outrageous price on garbage, will convince many people that it's not garbage, just because of the price.

Want to test the theory? Next time you have a garage sale, randomly pick an item and price it 100 times the price of similar items you are selling.

If anyone asks why the one item is priced so high, say "it's a collector's item," (which is the true-but-meaningless claim for much of overpriced junk advertised in magazine and tv ads).

No one may actually BUY the $300 teacup or teddybear, but watch how
people react to it. See how much attention it gets (and in advertising, attention is the first step in getting your $).

Expensive draws attention, and it conveys an image of quality, but it's only an image (it's a mirage).

And that's what this product is doing, implying that the product MUST work for them to be able to charge so much money for it.

You also have to judge the company by it's actions. If they're willing to forbid you to complain (that's pretty low) what makes you think they'll stand by their product.

Most people don't understand that "money-back guarantees" are notoriously difficult to enforce. Every day, companies refuse to abide by their promises.

To take it to court and win, will inevitably costs you more than you paid for the product. No one wants to spend $10,000 to force a company to stand by their money-back guarantee on a $20 product.

Just taking off one day of work to appear in small-claims court will cost you more than the product is worth (especially since lost wages often aren't recoverable).

Just the cost of repeated phone calls can easily exceed the cost of the product.

Too many people see a money-back guarantee as a sign of reputability, and it isn't. It's a false-assurance, because the consequences for lying just aren't there. At worst, the company will be forced to give your money back (rarely are you given any additional damages unless you can prove the company intended to defraud you - that their product doesn't work at all -and they know it, and that they intentionally were trying to screw you with a false money-back guarantee. If they can find and bring to court one customer who got their money back and one customer who claims the product worked for them - that can destoy that argument).

I know I've gone on a tangent on the subject, but it's so important to learn to spot the scams. If we were all better at spotting and avoiding the scams, the product makers would be forced to be more honest. Lying only works when people choose to trust you.
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