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I'm staying on MF food for the first month, so I have a benchmark for comparison. The first week is the biggest loss, and then you're supposed to settle into ketosis for a slower but steadier burn of 2-5 lbs a week.

2 bars and 2 shakes, then my L&G, then a soft serve or puff seems to be the routine I'm settling on. Kind of boring, but then I'm putting the variety into the L&G meal. It seems to be working for me.

After I run out, I'll start substituting the clone MF bars and shakes, and see if the diet stays on track.

I did get some soups; I'll have to see how to work those in. If I like them enough, I'll buy more of those to supplement the clone bars and shakes. So far, however, they're only tolerable at best. (The MF bars, shakes, puffs, and soft serves are worth the purchase over and over.)
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