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S/C/G: 210/Ticker/140

Height: 5'4"


First name: Mariel

Geographical location: Chicago

Age: 25

Marital Status: Terminally single

Children/Ages: N/A

Occupation: Biding my time with a software-consulting gig until my next long-term job begins (end of the year)

Pets: 1 cat, 2 chinchillas

Hobbies/Interests: Movies (big Martin Scorsese fan), music, travel (especially train travel!), the Pacific Northwest, dreary weather, boating, Louis C.K., good beer, eating!

Height: 5'4"

Eye/Hair Color: Green/red like a Coke can

Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: January 25, 2011 (this time around)

Starting Weight: 206

Present Weight: 198

Goal Weight: 140

Biggest hurdle to overcome in weightloss: Boredom and depression, equally

Following any specific plan: Just calorie counting and moderate exercise

What is different this time in your weight loss efforts than in the past: Honestly? Probably not much, except that maybe I'm more fed-up now than usual? I can no longer brush it off with "Oh, I'm still a teenager, but soon I'll magically morph into an adult with responsible habits and this will all take care of itself."

Anything else you would like to share with us: I've never participated in an online weight-loss forum before, so I'm hoping this might be something of an X-factor for me
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