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Originally Posted by jennyg03 View Post
I watched several video diaries on You tube from real people who are currently using this powder from Roca Labs.

I liked the fact that real people were posting videos of their experience with this stuff. I didn't want to go by the advertisements by Roca lab because you can never tell what is real or not. Anyway, check out the videos and see.
Just a thought ... How do you know they are real videos and not paid advertisements? Paid testimonials are very common now and they look real. Bloggers are paid to promote products. For example, people are hired to model for diet pill success stories and they first photograph the "after" shot while they are still thin, and are paid to gain weight and they post for the "before" shot.

There are websites where you can register to be hired to promote products online. You are given the product for free, and paid for the testimonial. I'm not saying that Roca Labs has done this, and I'm not accusing any person who has posted on youtube of doing this. I'm just pointing out that unfortunately youtube testimonials are just as suspect as testimonials from manufacturer advertisements.

Also please note the quote in my post above. If someone tries this product and it doesn't work for them they are not allowed to post youtube videos saying it doesn't work. They are not allowed to post on forums or blogs that it doesn't work. You will never see a negative comment about this product because they will sue you and they say so in their terms of sale.
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