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I watched several video diaries on You tube from real people who are currently using this powder from Roca Labs. It is referred to as a no surgery gastric bypass. The 480.00 is for a 4 month supply and you get 4 bags of the powder and one bag of anti-craving powder and the measuring container to mix in as well as a container for storage. You mix a scoop of the powder with water and crystal lite (for taste) and then shake it and drink it...or you can let it sit and it turns thick and you can eat it. Anyway, they say you must drink plenty of water with it and from what they have shown is that they are really losing a lot of weight...I am seriously considering this but want more information. I liked the fact that real people were posting videos of their experience with this stuff. I didn't want to go by the advertisements by Roca lab because you can never tell what is real or not. Anyway, check out the videos and see.
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