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I've tried various versions of this (they've been around for 50 years AT LEAST). Essentially it's fiber in some form, and the water increases the volume of the fiber, and gives you the physical sensation of less room in your stomach.

But hunger signals don't only come from your stomach, they also come from your brain and hormones. My problem with high-and moderate-carb diets is that even when my stomach feels full to bursting, I still feel what I call "rabid hunger" the feeling that I'm hungry and must eat, even sometimes when my stomach is hurting from eating too much.

I did find them somewhat helpful, but at too big a price tag (literally and figuratively).

1. You have to drink a lot of water or you end up painfully constipated (and it doesn't fill your stomach).

2. If you drink too much water, you can end up with diarrhea.

3. You may experience a lot of gas and abdominal pain (both the embarassing kind, and the painful, can't do anything about it kind).

4. You may experience an unpredictable combination of all three symptoms.

5. If you have even a mild case of IBS, you'll probably experience all of the above symptoms, to a life-altering degree (and you'd better be prepared to have constant and immediate access to a restroom at all times. You may get little warning until the issue is urgent, and if any obstacle stands between you and the restroom, someone could get hurt).
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