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Oh gosh... Where do I begin!

First, it's a fiber/gum mixture that swells when combined with water. There are similar but much cheaper (pennies) options out there.

But here's the kicker - Their "terms" state that whether or not it affects your appetite is up to you, not them. You agree not to eat calorie rich foods. You agree that you determine the success of your weight loss through individual will. (willpower?) You agree never to publish or state anywhere that the product does not work for you and if you say so they will sue you for slander. I have NEVER heard of this before!

No claim and/or complaint will be accepted regarding the lack of success of the Diet, in creating a lack of appetite. The announcement/writing/publication of any such or other claim in any media will constitute a breach of agreement, to which the Customer entered willingly and with full knowledge of the components of the Diet and its properties. As such, any claim as aforementioned will constitute slander and/or libel, and all remedies will be pursued accordingly.
So if you try this product and find that it doesn't work for you, you cannot come back here and tell us about your experience and you can't blog about it anywhere.

Something else to remember - Real gastric bypass surgery is forced calorie restriction. You truly can't eat very much food. As a result, you must follow a special diet and consume special protein supplements, etc. Even with the special diet you will probably lose hair and experience other health problems until you are able to consumer larger amounts of food later. If you are choosing to voluntarily cut your food consumption that low, as this product indicates will happen, you're probably not doing yourself a favor. Weight Loss Surgery is a drastic last resort option which requires extensive medical and psychological counseling prior to surgery.

My best suggestion - don't be in such a hurry. Eat less, move more.
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