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Weigh in day, dropped 2.2 pounds this week and got in five 30 minute walks, and three 30 minute sessions with part time using small hand weights on the treadmill this week. For my last few weeks on BMD I will be using up my extra meals that I missed, and just having the wine as my cheat on Saturday. I have 28 more pounds to go to goal and will most like be switching over to the biggest loser plan, I have had success with that program and you are able to work in things that you like like wine & chocolate and still lose weight, which is something I need in a plan so I don't feel deprived or start obsessing with food on TV.

Danni, my favorite meals have been the berry crepes, cinnamon pancakes,stuffed French toast, the bagel with maple butter, chicken & mushroom crepes for breakfast. For lunch my favorites have been the steak wrap - the spinach side, but I like the wrap so much I admit I just dump that part; arroz con polo with some low fat greek yogurt & salsa, turkey bolognese,chicken & roasted apples, dragonfly chicken, cheese tortiellini, shrimp primavera,bangers & mash. Dinners are anything with pasta (penne vodka pasta, beef tips I. Red wine, salmon, beef tips w/mushrooms, chicken & roasted apples.

When I look back there was more that I liked than disliked, which is good. I admit the last two weeks I did add that I didn't want any more of the pureed squash, cut up is one thing, baby food is another. A lot of things I do add salsa or tbsp of Greek yogurt to make taste better, but I added those into my calories for the day and were usually no more than 30 calories for each tops. I have there weeks until my big 50 and would like to drop 5 more pounds, we will see. I am still coming in weighing less than I started.

Today is washing car, trimming bushes and cleaning out closets. I want to get rid of all the stuff that is too big, I don't want to go there again. Keeping them is like saying I may need those, they are always in the back of your mind, or a fall back. Prudent hubby wants me to box them up just in case, he sees all the $$$$ going out the door. I think I need to donate to those in need the too big and the too small ( I have been hanging on to my size 6's like they were a life raft. Not sure that I can get to that size and maintain. So both sets are kind of a crutch or fall back.

Sorry for the novel, everyone have a great weekend.


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