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Originally Posted by JayTee View Post
MadamB--See what happens when you EVEN THINK about chocolate bunny ears! At your request:

Good luck on your 3-a-day today!

Chesh -- WTG on that run! lol on your summary of Reso's day. I'm starting to think we can get him to a triathalon soon. Whaddya say Reso?
Ummm, probably not going to happen JayTee I know a lot of individuals desire to participate in marathons etc... Me i am just so happy and thankfull that i can participate at life.

Cheshire : I have had intermittent problems accessing the site at times also, dunno whats up with that, i get pretty sweaty just walking hard can't imagine running, did think of you yesterday evening.

MadamB : Do try and not take the scale to serious, i have trouble as well, still you know if you have been honest with yourself and your commitment, staying on plan only makes your weight go one way, otherwise it's just stress, inflamation, water retention, the boogy man whateever but certainly not actual fat. Keep with your plan, it's been working for you right ?

Koshi : I like your attitude, way to go on seeing that 1 on the scale, every bit of activity is gonna help, you have a good relationship with your mum (LOL, i like the quirkiness of different locals, chiefly british slang ), so do i with mine, my mom is one of if not my best friend.

You did good with the nourishment, there is a bigger mental aspect as physical i think at times, it does no good to deny oneself simple pleasures like favorite foods, just have to make it the best/cleanest/lowest calorie and appropriate portion size to still fit into a daily deficit, two birds with one stone so to speak, that and the preparation and cleanup helps to digest and burn off the meal vs take out.

I had Pitas a couple times last week but mine were with turkey, romaine, parmesan and ceasar dressing all in moderate proportion, i enjoyed them and they really weren't hard to make or horribly caloric either.

jojo : I see a lot of peeps have difficulty/fears when their goal is reached, almost bittersweet in that it requires a significant change, just something else to work at/towards, you will do fine because you seem steadfast in making this transition as smooth as possible.

Round two !

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