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Default Maybe this is the right spot...

I have been lurking on 3FC for awhile. I am old enough to not be comfortable with this mode of communication but I am strange enough to not fit into other groups...I cant relate to the over 50 scene because well I just cant....although I am only pierced in the normal ear type places and I have no tattoos I was 'Goth" before there was such thing back in the 70's! I am not religious. I am funny (clearly not so far...but I do crack myself up on occasion)...

MY joining 3FC stems from the deadly combination of hitting menopause full stride and quitting smoking. I have had food issues since the dawn of time, I was a chubby kid, a totally anorexic teen, a speed freak for years (one does not eat on speed) and now I am slow, old and getting, it seems, fatter on a daily basis. I barely eat and I work out ALL the time and nothing seems to be helping. My metabolism has completely betrayed me. I start living healthy and I am rewarded with looking like a very short lump. UGGHH

Oh ya I donít eat meat either. I really am looking for others that are older like me but who identify as "alterna.." so I have someone to chit chat with as I either lose weight or more likely, as I try to accept my new round look....

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