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Default Grocery store substitute for MF bars

Both Kashi TLC bars and South Beach diet bars could be used as a substitute for the MF bars (based on nutrition content). The catch is that Kashi/South Beach bars don't have enough protein, and their fat content is a little higher.

Discussion on using alternate bars usually concludes with cutting the bars in half, or using them as maintenance bars. However, I don't think eating half a bar is realistic (they're pretty small to start with), and they're not quite the same nutritional content, anyways.

I'd suggest the trick is to replace the nutritional content of TWO MF bars as a pair. One Kashi bar and 5 large egg whites are the equivalent of two MF crunch bars.

So, for one meal you eat a Kashi bar, and at the second meal you just have 5 egg whites. The nutrition content of a Kashi TLC Honey Almond Flax Chewy Granola Bar is 140 calories, 5g fat, 19g carb, 4g fiber, 5g sugar, and 7g protein. The nutrition content of a large boiled egg white is 17 calories, 0g fat, 0.24g carb, 0.23g sugar, and 3.5g protein.

One Kashi bar and 5 large eggs is 225 calories, 5g fat, 20.2g carb, 4g fiber, 6.15g sugar, and 24.5g protein.

This compares to two MF Strawberry Crunch bars, which would total 220 calories, 5g fat, 26g carbs, 10g sugar, and 22g protein.

MF meals have more vitamins; this can be remedied by having a daily multivitamin.

The idea is that it IS possible to make the equivalent of an MF meal using common foods at the grocery store. Savings can be significant -- I can reliably get the Kashi bars for $3 for a box of 6, or about 50 cents a bar. Eggs cost about 10 cents each at Costco (purchased as two cartons of 18), which also translates into 50 cents each meal.

I used Kashi because they were on sale (at 33 cents a bar!). South Beach Diet bars had almost the same nutrition content and also worked. I heard someone mention that they had gotten bulk South Beach Diet bars at Costco, but my Costco didn't have them.

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