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Default Maintenance

Thanks for your post, Karen! You’ve touched on my biggest fear — the fear of regaining our weight if we don't learn how to maintain. I read those dismal statistics about 95% of losers regaining their weight and I vow that I will never be one of them. And I’m sure that no one who has worked hard to get to a goal weight ever does thinking that he or she will regain. But wishes and good intentions aren’t ever enough, are they? We’ve got to have a plan.

As I’ve thought about maintenance, my plan is 1) to monitor my weight and BF closely (this is from Thin For Life where she says that most successful maintainers weigh themselves daily or weekly) (I know this is anathema to some of you — this is just what works for me), 2) to never let it go above say, 140 or the BF above a certain %, 3) to keep eating the same foods as when I was losing, while trying to slowly add back some calories (of clean food) and see what effect they have, 4) to keep with the same schedule of cardio and workouts that I did while I was losing.

As you can see, for me maintenance really doesn’t look very different from losing. And that underscores the need to lose your weight with a plan that you can live with for the rest of your life. Can I live the way that I do now for the rest of my life? Could I repeat the food that I ate and the time that I spent at the gym today for the rest of my life? Oh, yes — and it is so worth it!

I must have started posting after the tempest that you referred to, but my heart goes out to that poor woman who you talked about who can’t maintain her weight though her business depends on it. How hard that must be to be gaining and losing and gaining and losing and never feeling comfortable and confident where you are at — and never knowing where you will be tomorrow? And how difficult it must be in that situation to try to sell your knowledge and expertise to others ...

You know what weight your body wants to be, Karen, and you take the steps every day to be sure that it stays right there — rather than yo-yo’ing up and down. I’ve always looked to you on these boards as an oasis of rationality and I know you would never go for a short-term weight loss that you could not maintain in the long run. And hey, at that “loose size 4,” I’d say you are maintaining beautifully!


PS — Ilene: we’re all sisters separated at birth. Didn’t you know?
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