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I just started back on Topamax for migraines last week. I took it years ago and it helped tremendously for migraines and a side effect was weight loss as it helps with appetite. I have hardly an appetite now, especially for sweets as they just don't taste right. The side effects aren't bad like many say. You need to start off at a low dose and titrate up slowly. Maybe some people just are started off at a higher dose too fast and that causes the brain fogginess? Eating bananas is supposed to help with the brain fogginess and hand and feet tingling too. Those symptoms usually go away after a while anyway. I know I'll be very happy to not have the migraines anymore.

Phentermine and Topamax as a combo is interesting. I can see how they could work. They both could work alone though so I'm not sure why they are combining them??? I don't like the speeding effect of Phentermine..maybe taking the Topamax counteracts that effect? who knows?
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