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Originally Posted by Sequi 2008 View Post
I'm a newcomer here (this is my first post.) I'm getting ready to start MF, but I'm waiting because my wife wants to start with me (her meals are ordered and on the way.)

In the meantime, I'm "practicing" by following the MF plan using non-MF foods. This will get me into the eating habits the plan calls for.

I noticed in a very early post someone had averaged the nutrition information for various food items. I may have found a substitute for the shakes.

Carnation Breakfast Essentials (Milk Chocolate) with No Sugar Added comes close to the shake averages if you mix it with Unsweetened Silk Organic Soymilk.

The Carnation nutrition information is Cal. 60, fat .5g, carb 12g, fiber 4g, sugar 7g, protein 5g.

Unsweetened Silk Organic soymilk is Cal. 80, fat 4g, carb 4g, fiber 1g, sugar 1g, protein 7g.

Combined is Cal. 140, fat 4.5g, carb 16g, fiber 5g, sugar 8g, protein 12g

The French Vanilla 70 shake is Cal 100, fat 1g, carb 13g, fiber 3g, sugar 9g, protein 14g.

Dropping the amount of milk used from 8oz to 6oz will drop the calories to 120 and the fat to 3.5g. The fat at least is the healthy kind, since it is plant-based fat, not animal-based.

And since this substitution is available in a typical grocery store, it's both cheap and readily available.

I found a more exact substitution (nutritionally speaking.)

Mix the Carnation Breakfast Essentials with water, but accompany it with two hard-boiled eggs (ditch the yolk, so you're only eating whites.)

An egg white for a large boiled egg is 15 cal, fat 0g, carb 0g, protein 4g.

CBE plus two egg whites totals Cal. 90, fat .5g, carb 12g, fiber 4g, sugar 7g, protein 13g.

This compares favorably to the French Vanilla 70 shake at Cal 100, fat 1g, carb 13g, fiber 3g, sugar 9g, protein 14g.

So far I've only tried the CBE with soymilk (tastes great), but I'll try it with water as well.
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