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Default Thin For Life

I would like to second Karen’s recommendation of Anne Fletcher’s Thin For Life. It is based on a series of studies done with data provided from the National Weight Control Registry, a database of people who have lost at least 30 pounds and maintained that loss for at least a year:

One of the most popular myths about weight loss is that everyone who loses weight will eventually gain it back. The National Weight Control Registry is a research study which has exploded this myth and shown that successful weight loss is indeed possible. Developed by Rena Wing, PhD, at Lifespan, Brown University and the University of Pittsburgh, and James Hill, PhD, at the University of Colorado, the National Weight Control Registry has identified nearly 3,000 individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight and kept it off for long periods of time.
They have published studies on the strategies of successful maintainers — some are discussed in Thin For Life and some have come out since then. There is a list on their web site:

Hey, I’m eligible to enroll now! Let’s get Karen and Mel and me (and all you other losers out there) to join and we can tilt the statistics toward ladies who lift!

And Karen, I know what you mean about the little voice saying “just this once won’t hurt.” But I have realized that it’s all those little actions — positive or negative — that add up to the big picture. I didn't lose my weight overnight — it took thousands and thousands of “no’s” to the “just this once” voice and thousands of “yes’s” to exercise and eating healthy to get where I am. So I keep reminding myself there is no thing as “just this once.”

And Tika, I really AM just an every day, ordinary person no different than you. I’m 48, hypothyroid, and have always been overweight. Three strikes, huh? Naw! If I can do it, I have no doubt that you can too!

Thanks for all your good wishes and thoughtful comments!

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