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Default Awesome post Meg!

What a refreshing post to begin the work-week!!!

Deb...all I can say is...if you don't care for the word "maintenance"'s some substitute words right out of Webster's thesaurus...I especially like the first one...LIVING.

Entry Word: maintenance
Function: noun
Text: Synonyms LIVING, alimentation, alimony, bread, keep, livelihood, salt, subsistence, support, sustenance are right on...maintenance IS sometimes tougher than losing...there are times (more during the winter months for some reason!) when I just want to say "screw the diet...eating (junque food here) just once isn't going to make me fat again." But ya know...ya just live with it, and as working out and eating right become becomes WAY easier. Ya probably know that already though

There's an EXCELLENT book on the subject of maintenance called "Thin for Life" by Anne Fletcher. (you can probably find it at your local library). I really believe that, once a person gets the notion out of his/her head that there is some sort of 'miracle weight loss formula' out there...that's when progress is made.

Check this out from a 1990 study...
Maintainers made decisions to lose weight and then devised personal weight-loss plans to fit their lives. These plans usually included regular exercise or activity and a new eating style of reduced fat, reduced sugar,more fruits and vegetables, and much less food than previously eaten. Maintainers reported being patient, setting small goals that they could meet, and sticking to their personally devised weight-loss plans. Some used ideas from earlier weight-loss experiences, some used diets from books, but all persisted until new eating patterns were established...However, they did not completely restrict favorite foods and made efforts to avoid feelings of deprivation while changing food patterns.

In contrast, few relapsers (36%) had exercised to help lose weight. They had lost weight by taking appetite supressants, fasting, or going on restrictive diets that they could not sustain. They took diet formulas and went to weight-control groups and programs many times. While dieting they did not permit themselves any of the special foods they enjoyed...
I'll put in more later...gotta get in the shower...
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*Maintenance = LIVING.
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