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Originally Posted by Ewiemama View Post
Are egg yolks really that fattening? I love eggs and I always eat the whole thing. If I eat healthy, unprocessed foods all day is an egg yolk or two really going to ruin my weight loss efforts?
No single serving of any food is going to "ruin" your weight loss efforts.

Calories (or whatever you count: exchanges, points, points, fat grams....) are like cash, you have to budget for your needs and wants.

About 80% of an egg's calories are in the yolk, but that doesn't mean egg yolks are "that fattening," it just means that (as with your cash) you have to decide how or whether to fit egg yolks into your budget.

You get to choose and manage your budget. There is no right answer, just the "right-for-you" answer (and it may not be the same answer every day).

As I said in my earlier post. One whole egg has about the same calorie count (and less fat) than three egg whites.

The reason I choose to throw away some yolks is because I can get a bigger omelette for the calories if I substitute 3 egg whites for a whole egg. Three egg whites take up more space, and are more filling than a single yolk. A two egg, three egg white omelette is bigger than a three egg omelette. A 9 egg white omelette would be the same calories but would be HUGE!

I've never made a 9 eggwhite omelette before, but I have made 1 egg/6 egg white omelelttes before. It has the same calories as a 3 egg omelette, but it's a lot more filling than a 3 egg omelette. When I first started dieting, I was used to eating so much that I had to get as much "bang for the buck" as possible. I ate the lowest calorie, highest volume foods so I could feel full.

That meant a lot of raw vegetables and low-calorie foods, and finding ways to add volume, without adding calories. Substituting egg whites for egg yolks was one of the ways to do that. I'd also add lots of low-calorie fillers to make the omelette even bigger.

Sometimes I'd even whip the egg whites and fold in the egg yolk. It makes almost a mini-soufle type omelette. The resulting omelette looks much bigger. Anything that made me feel like I was getting more food (even if it was a mind-game trick - like using smaller plates) was an advantage.

Now that I'm used to much smaller portions, I don't have to work as hard at creating more volume, but I still do often throw away a few of the yolks just so I can have a bigger omelette for the calories.

It's a personal choice.
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