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It's Monday again, why are the weeks so hard to start? I've noticed that there hasn't been much traffic since the end of March so princessphoebe, krista a, ressey, just me I hope you all are doing well and are continuing to meet your goals. I've actually had trouble accessing this site lately, but here I am. Welcome to all of you who are just joining. This is a good place for support and advice. My best advice to anyone who is just starting is as much as we'd like to find the magic pill to shed our unwanted pounds the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to exercise and eat right and keep it up. Some of us have years of bad eating to undo and it won't happen overnight. That's why weightloss is a tough thing because you don't see big results right away. So I've learned to curb the disappointment of slow results with seeing the little things, like how clothes begin to fit differently or seeing muscles you didn't have before. That's why this forum is so great, we're all pretty much in the same boat. And when you need encouragement I've always been able to take something someone else has written and learn from it. So stay motivated and keep checking in. Thanks for listening-chubs2
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