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Originally Posted by WendeeLou View Post
O0o0o me me me!!

Wow- I have seen so many threads posted about "buddies" with similar weight loss goals and NO ONE has ever matched me!
But you do..

I would love to be a buddy! I have having the hardest time getting the stupid scale to move. I work out twice a day, once at 6am, and then again at 6pm. I do circuit training Mon-Wed-Fri and kickboxing Tue-Thu-Sat. I also count calories (I am at about 1400-1600 because of the intesity of my workouts) and I restrict my carbs to about 100 net grams a day. I am 5'6" 168lbs(this morning) and my goal is 140lbs!
I am in this similar boat!! My scale will NOT MOVE!! I would love to join this!
I'm on MFP if anyone else wants to join me. I'm online quite a bit during the day, but I am under 20 days on 3FC. I have 20 lbs to loose!!!

((soon 2b ticker)) HA
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