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Still - a lot of mine are the same. I am really surprised that I can have junk around and not bet tempted by it. I make our bread and the smell is divine, but I don't need to eat it. I can make cake and muffins and not need to eat it (though I do try a bit of the batter, but a teaspoon is enough).

I also look forward to working out about 40% of the time unlike in the beginning when I had to drag myself to do it. Last night I WANTED to do the hard workout, not an easier one.

I forgot how nice it was to feel stronger, healthier more energetic.

Overall, I'm just surprised at how 'easy' this is. It wasn't this easy 13 years ago or 11 years ago when I tried. I think I have gotten a lot of demons resolved and that helps a lot. I'm in a healthier mental state now. Gives me a lot of hope then that this time the weight loss will stick.

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