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Ooopps, sorry about that Donna. I went back and changed it, must have posted it with one eye open or something like that.
First, a favor.... could Jane or Bobbi please rename this thread "April Golden Girls"?
Lynn...I can't believe you completed that run, amazing. I'll bet you felt like a wet dish rag after you crossed the finish line.
I filled my gas tank while in town today, $43.40 cents. Geeeeez, that's terrible. must spend a fortune on gas with all the miles you put in. Congrats to all the losers last week, good job. I'm staying at around 120, but have to work at it.
Nutin' going around here, dull day for me. I have treatments 3 times a week and that takes up most of my mornings. Now I need to brown a pork roast and get it into the crock pot, make another batch of tomato veggies soup. I'm still using tomatoes and zucchini from last years garden, will be out soon.
Welcome Rie from Montana, happy to have you.
Later Gator!
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