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Hey GGs,
Havenít been around for a couple of days, seems everyoneís been busy! Lynn, you are just amazing. 13 miles in 4 hours! Wow! And youíre looking so trim & fit.

KarenFL, you must be soooo proud of your DS! Iíd really like to read that interview. Be sure & keep us posted about it.

Rosey, I loved your boxing pics - you look like youíre really having fun with it. And Mary, another .4 lb. lost, it sounds like youíre doing good with your eating, now that youíre home.

KarenMO, smart of you to show some restraint at that buffet. Looks like Iím going to have to learn to do that. Saturday we went to one for my weekly pig-out meal, & I really went ďhog wildĒ, especially on the desserts. I thought I was fine, just felt pleasantly stuffed, as usual. Went to bed around 10PM, still feeling ok, but woke up around 2AM, terribly nauseated! Well, I remembered we had some nausea pills in the kitchen, but didnít know if I could manage to get there to get them. My SO was no help, because he had gotten up to watch TV in the living room, & had the headphones on & couldnít hear me (& it turns out he had fallen asleep on the couch). I finally managed to crawl out of bed & creep to the kitchen, & swallowed down one of the pills (then SO wakes up & asks what Iím doing!). Fortunately the pill worked, & I was able to return to bed & go back to sleep. But, I hope I learned my lesson, & wonít do that again!

Hi Donna, glad you're happy with your snow. Zoe & Freda, hope you're not getting any (snow, that is! LOL). Hello Gayle & Bobbi & Lyn & Everyone Else (there are just too many of us to list everyone, & I'd still manage to miss someone!). Welcome Riemontana, nice to meet you!

Ok, I canít wait any longer, have to tell you my good news. Saturday at my weigh-in, Iíd lost 2 more pounds, soÖ.. Tah Dah! Iím at my goal!!! Iím not really sure how thatís going to affect my eating. Iíd like to ease up a little & concentrate on maintaining for awhile, but Iím not sure Iím ready to do that. But, Iím also not ready to set a new, lower goal, even though I probably should. Guess Iíll just wait & see how things go? (But, backsliding will NOT be tolerated!!!)

Gotta go, chores to do. See ya.
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