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Good Morning, All...
First, a favor.... could Jane or Bobbi please rename this thread "April Golden Girls"? It's really hard to find the thread with just "April" and I've had to go to my UserCP and track down the subscription thread. It starts my day off with annoying!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Sounds like you've all been busy and productive! Lynn, you continue to amaze me! You and KarenMO are truly inspiring!

Rosey, I loved the pictures of you beating the crap out of your bag! DH better watch out!

We got about an inch of snow!! YEA!!! I was going to take a picture of me building a snowman, but it melted as soon as it touched my hands. My little baby tree is blossoming, too! I'll be so glad to have Spring, although I missed Winter and am not looking forward to Summer!

Things are well here. No news. Later, gorgeous girlies!

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