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Default Hi Girls! New here...

Hi Everyone!
My name is Mary and I started SB one week ago. This forum has been so helpful. Any question I have I just search and find an answer, its awesome!

I don't know how I became 270 lbs. I've fought diets because I believed I ate quite healthy and resented the fact that I ate better than most skinny chicks I knew- yet still had weight problems. I recently found out I have Hashimoto's and learned the hard reality that if I didn't do something soon, I'd just keep gaining. I never weighed myself, chocked bad pics up to bad angles, and use a long mirror that is very forgiving. I really didn't know I was that far gone until I saw myself on the TV news (charity work, not a mug shot!). I ran to the mirror and yelled to my boyfriend "That is not what I see in the mirror!!!" It was HORRIFYING!! That coupled with Hashimoto's, finding out my weight at the doc and watching my mom suffer from multiple strokes (that the docs said her daughters were now prone for if we didn't watch it) checked my reality quite effectively. I'm NOT going down that road!
All has gone well except I sadly just noticed my soy milk has sugar in it, which really took the wind out of my sails for a minute- a big "you gotta be kidding me..." moment, since it did a good job replacing 1/2&1/2 in my coffee, but I'm over it. Skim milk for me. I'm starting P1 again tomorrow. It is important to me to have a clean P1.
I'm finding that I like the rigidity! This was unexpected since I'm (obviously) the defiant type, but I like that the decision is made for me and I don't have to worry about what to eat. Ironically, it has taken the stress out of eating. I thought it would totally be the opposite. I dreaded starting because I knew I would be on P2 for at least a year, and it felt like I was saying goodbye to my life as I knew it. But, all is going great and I'm incredibly excited for the outcome.
The sudden fiber overload made me really ill for a day, for which lots of water helped. I went to a party sober for the first time and I had a blast! (Who knew you don't need alcohol to have a good time? I didn't!)
I'm hopeful and happy and very glad to have fellow SBers to relate to. You've all been a lifesaver so far. Here's to a new life!
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