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Lynn, I am so proud of you! I can't imagine doing something like that...13 miles! I would like to walk in our church's walk they do once a year, but would like dh to go with me and so far I have not been able to talk him into it. I tell him we don't have to walk the whole way, we can stop anytime we want/need to, but for me it's just the idea of getting out there and trying it. I'm sure you are hurting...I would be too....but you should also be very proud of yourself!

This week I lost a whopping .4 of a pound! LOL Recycled pounds of course. But at least I lost something and I didn't gain.

We are switching things around today (for a Sunday) and having dinner (biggest meal) in the evening like we do on the other days. Usually we have our Sunday dinner right after church, but my dh comes home so hungry and I was afraid it might take us longer to get to eating. But we decided to stop at the store for bread, and he picked up a piece of cooked chicken and went home and made a stir-fry noodle dish (using Top Ramen noodles), so it ended up taking quite a while still. He thinks if we go to the early service it'd be better for his bs but it's the same number of hours so I don't see the difference, but told him I will if it is important to him. I had a tuna sandwich (light bread) and fruit (1/2 apple, 1/3 c light peaches). Then later I had frozen Slim-fast for a dessert/snack. Someone on the counters thread told me about that. This time I tried chocolate and it was good too. The calories aren't much different than many ice creams but it is balanced nutritionally and also I am somewhat limited as usually don't have many cans on hand. If I had a 1/2 gallon of ice cream I can scarf it down very fast. Slim-fast has lots of fiber and so fills you up faster.

Not much going on here but we are enjoying a quiet restful day.

Riemontana - welcome! I'm impressed with your weightloss!
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