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Originally Posted by WASaBubbleButt View Post
And I agree with you. But it would appear we are both wrong, it isn't carbs keeping us healthy. It is something different.
Its not that 'carbs are keeping us healthy', it is that carbs aren't making us unhealthy. Our bodies primary energy source is glucose which comes from carbs. Our bodies are highly adaptable which means we can use fat and protein for energy but can only store fat (and small amounts of glucose). There are certain nutrients that your body needs that only comes from plants (such as vitamin C) so you can suffer from some forms of malnutrition by not eating some plants (which do contain carbs but its the nutrients we need).

So just 'carbs' aren't making us unhealthy, something we are not doing or doing is affecting us adversely in the development of various diseases. I personally think lack of exercise is one of those things. I also think highly processed foods are also to blame.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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