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Hello everyone! I fixed hamburgers today...they were some pre-seasoned ones...never bought them that way before. Just got two as that's all we ever eat...but these were HUGE patties! They were so fat that I cooked them longer than usual cause I was afraid I wouldn't get them done. We don't like them the least bit pink inside. Well, when I hoped they were done I called my dh and told him my worry about them being so thick and he was concerned too so he cut his in half...and it was not done. Mine was better but we ended up cutting it in half too and cooking them both a little bit more.

My poor man was shaking by the time he got to eat. His bs often drops quite low unlike mine. He had eaten a Milky Way snack bar after church, but we stopped at the store for buns and a few other things, so it wasn't enough to hold him all that time. It would have been better to have eaten crackers or something with more protein. Well anyway they were ok burgers once we cooked them more but I honestly think I prefer the ones I make myself so don't think I'll be buying them again. Even on sale they were too expensive. The good thing is that since we cut them in half, I only ended up eating 1/2 patty so kept the calories down. Had lettuce and pickle slices on it and grabbed a handful of grape tomatoes (about 6 I think) to eat with. Then I had 9 grapes for dessert. So in regard to my diet...both calories and carbs, it actually turned out better.

Bunti - Congrats on the loss of that pound!! I'm glad WW is working for you.
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