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I messed up today...first I read my recipe wrong and put too much macaroni in a dish. I will eat some of the leftovers as I loved the dish (it's a goulash) but can't eat much macaroni due to the carbs. And this was the white stuff not was some I'd bought on the trip to make a favorite dish for my son and it's hard to find WW macaroni there. But I thought I was being good because instead of counting the dish as 2 servings I counted it as was huge due to all the pasta...otherwise it was a 2 serving dish. So anyway I took a 4th of it but only ate 1/2 or maybe a teensy bit over 1/2 BUT I also made cornbread (knew my dh would want it with this dish) and I ate 2 ended up still with way too many carbs. But my calories were fine, so I was still kinda pleased with myself...that is until I remembered I eaten 1/3 cup peaches and 1 oz cheese this afternoon and forgotten to record it! THIS is why it is best for me to record my food BEFORE I eat it and then look at it before I decide how much to eat!! ( Lesson learned (I hope!) AGAIN!! I keep thinking I've learned these lessons but then I forget again. The only good thing I can say is when I discovered I was over, I didn't start eating as I often doing thinking I've messed up, might as well. Tomorrow I go to the doctor and my weight will likely be up. I've been moving fast around here hoping to burn some it off. LOL
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